What Is Tapesnake?

There’s a fine line between madness and perseverance. Tapesnake is the family that walks the tightrope with you between these two, bringing you the opportunity to express your lifestyle and individuality as insanely as you wish.

We’re a Finnish decal kit manufacturer established in 2013, and our mission is to make professional-level decal kits available for everyone. Our philosophy is to do everything to the max with a tongue-in-cheek & in-your-face attitude. We don’t golf. Because we love all things motorsports.

We have background in motocross so we know the level of endurance you expect from your decals. Therefore our products are made to last in extreme conditions during all four seasons. All Tapesnake Custom Graphix® decal kits are manufactured in Kuopio, Finland, and we use only the best materials available.

Never compromise on style – even when covered in gravel and mud.